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100% vegetarian leather
metal design elements made in Turkey.

height : 24 cm
width : 18 cm
depth: 5 cm

leather handle height: 110 cm

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About Product

Paper rope it is 100% natural paper. Raw materials of plant origin have not been chemically treated. It does not contain chemical dyes, it is azo-free certi´Čüed.

Metal accesories 100% zamak material. It is made of gold and silver pleated. It does not contain carcinogens.

Vegetal leather it is the most traditional way of tanning leather. Unlike chrome tanning, only natural ingredients such as the bark of chestnut trees are used to tan a piece of leather vegetal. Tanning can take up to forty days. Thanks to this process, the leather has the perfect leather color and texture. Vegetable tanned leather is produced using almost no chemicals. It is environmentally friendly and carries limited risks to the health of the consumer. Vegetable tanning that is both high quality and ethical at the same time; it is a value that depends on the acquired mastery knowledge passed on by the craftsmen over the generations.

This bag is ethically made with eco-friendly raw materials.

Produced with the unique knitting techniques of traditional turkish women, this bag has a contemporary approach and a design language in which teh unique value of every detail has been designed with care and attention, with a sustainable understan- dign. The designed process and final appearance of the first image created aim to challenge todayÔÇÖs ready to wear idea.

This bag gives an effortless, sustainable style idea.tullaa is inspired by the unique beauty of each woman. The most exiting point when designing with this idea is; every bag reflects the woman

This bag is sustainable, worn without effort. Indicates a style. Tulla is inspired by the unique beauty of each woman. The most exciting point when designing with this idea is that each bag reflects the woman who knitted it, being unique like the woman who owns it.

Hancraft is adopted

Andopted and developed .

Who knits it, being unique like the woman who owns it.

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